We are proud to be able to offer a wide range of vending equipment from all the major manufacturers without being tied down to just one type of machine or provider – thats the advantage of being independent. We’re able to provide a tailor made solution to suit your needs, whether its a small table top machine or a full canteen replacement system complete with housing and microwave facilities. To find out more about the types of machine we offer click here.


We can offer a variety of ingredients and snacks from the brands you know and love. We can provide ingredients, hot beverages, soft drinks, food, snacks and more. To find out more about our ranges click here.

Upgrades, Excellent Aftercare Support and Maintenance Repairs

We are able to offer a healthy upgrade plan to all customers, or for those customers who wish to switch their vending to us.

We aim to provide the very best service and quality, all staff are trained to AVA standards and all of our staff recieve regular training to ensure that our high standards are maintained. We offer excellent aftercare support for all of our machines and have a dedicated maintenance department to ensure that your not without your vending too long when you need it most.